Introduction Products Specifications  
Who we are?                                                                                            
Zhongnai is a fully integrated refractory engineering, manufacturer and supplier
in China for the iron and steel, cement and lime, non-ferrous, glass and other
industries. And also supply consumples for steel industry.
We pride ourselves on being a professional, competitive and reliable supplier,
to deliver high quality refractories worldwide, to bring down the cost of our
Manufacturing Plant                                                                               
Our modern manufacturing facilities are equipped with automated raw material
crushing, classification, silos, weighting and mixing lines, advanced presses,
high temperature tunnel kiln and State-of-the-art laboratory for quality assurance.
Fireclay and Alumina Brick Plant:  
- Location: Yangquan, China
- Capacity: 60,000tons/year
- Application: gereral purpose

Silica and Alumina Brick Plant:
- Location: Luoyang, China  
- Capacity: 150,000tons/year  
- Application: BF, Hot Stove, Coke Oven, Glass Kiln  
Basic Brick Plant:
- Location: Yingkou, China
- Capacity: 100,000tons/year
- Application: Steel, Cement, Non-ferrous, Glass Industries
Isostatic Products Plant
- Location: Luoyang, China
- Capacity: 20,000tons/year  
- Application: Constiunous Casting

Business Cooperate                                                                                              

With a professional and experienced team, to offer complete and competitive
refractory solution for various industries, and become your reliable supplier
by delivering consistantly quality refractories worldwide